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Loving Companion, looking for a good time

Name: Tinkerbell
Age: 17 or so

Favorite spots: The footstool in the living room, hanging out by my dish (mornings, mostly), the sunny piano, and your lap, good lookin'.

Hobbies: Sleeping, sleeping on the footstool, sleeping on a warm lap, killing things, sleeping a little more, and cleaning my fur.

Looking for: Someone who will sit still and let me snuggle onto his/her lap, so I can sleep. Oh, and I like to be showered with attention.

Someday I'd love to: Shred your draperies with my claws.

Other things you should know about me: I always use the box, I don't tolerate bugs or mice in my home, I really just hope to enjoy my golden years on a nice lap, so wear thick trousers, because when I'm happy, I knead!